CAnnabis Attorneys and Legal Services

The legalization of medicinal and adult-use cannabis in California and other states has resulted in a Green Rush of entrepreneurial pioneers and leading-edge business concepts.  This continuing erosion of cannabis prohibition brings with it tremendous opportunity for those willing to seize it, although that opportunity also comes with substantial risk.  While the cultivation, sale, and use of cannabis is now legal throughout large parts of the country, it is still federally illegal, creating a murky and potentially hazardous landscape for any cannabis business.  Furthermore, those cannabis businesses operating above board under state law face a shifting maze of regulations and cannabis compliance issues.

At Law Offices of James P. Marion, Esq. you are represented by lawyers who understand this unique and highly regulated space.  Since 2013 our attorneys have worked with many of the industry’s trailblazing innovators, including growers, dispensary owners, manufacturers and ancillary service providers.  Our cannabis clients can be found from San Diego and Los Angeles, to San Francisco and the Emerald Triangle, and in states from Colorado to South Carolina.

Here are some industry leaders we have been pleased to work with:

Cannabis COmpliance

Cannabis Business Law

  • Packaging & LabelingReview

  • Advertising & Marketing Review

  • Website Compliance Review

  • Privacy Policies & Terms of Service

  • Comprehensive Regulatory Review

  • Business Entity Selection & Formation

  • Entity Conversions & Restructuring

  • Brand Development

  • Trademark Clearance & Registration

  • Trademark and Trade Secret Protection & Enforcement

  • IP Licensing Agreements

  • IP Assignments & Acquisitions

  • Services Agreements

  • Non-disclosure & Non-circumvention Agreements

  • Contractor Agreements

  • Dispute Mediation & Negotiation

Cannabis Compliance Attorneys in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego

Not afraid to push boundaries, we rely on strict diligence and creative solutions to protect and expand unique brands in the cannabis industry.  We believe in the value of customized business entity formation paired with careful development, protection and enforcement of your intellectual property.  From these cornerstones, we seek tailored agreements that allow you to profit from the expansion and application of your cannabis brands, while assuring that your products comply with state and federal cannabis regulations within your marketplace.

Our lawyers have the dedication and experience needed to help you thrive in America’s latest homegrown industry. Contact us by phone, by email, or by filling out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation today.