An IP Law Firm in California

California is the global epicenter of creative innovation.  In Los Angeles, artists produce the film, music and media content that sets the tone for popular culture.  In the Bay Area, the energy of Silicon Valley spawns forward-thinking tech and brand identities that drive the world economy, and from San Diego to San Francisco Californians are carrying the vanguard of a brand new industry with the emergence of legal cannabis.  We are playing on the big stage, and what put us here is the intellectual property (IP) attached to all of this inventive output.

In this competitive arena, IP rights are as important as ever.  Whether you are branding, writing, recording, shooting, coding, growing, manufacturing or incorporating, your IP is potentially your most valuable asset.  As such, it only makes sense to obtain specialized legal advice from a dedicated IP law firm that knows how to harness intellectual capital.  Law Offices of James P. Marion, Esq. sets a priority in evaluating and securing our clients’ rights at the outset of their ventures, and cultivating the ideal environment for future prosperity.


  • Trademark Clearance
  • Brand Development
  • Trademark Registration
  • Portfolio Management
  • Trademark Enforcement
  • International Trademarks
  • Licensing, Sales, Assignments
  • Trademark Disputes


  • Copyright Clearance & Registration
  • Collaborative Agreements
  • Work-for-hire Agreements
  • Licensing, Sales, Assignments
  • Take-downs and Internet Concerns
  • International Protection
  • Ownership / Infringement Disputes
  • Fair Use Evaluations 

Trade Secrets

  • Intellectual Property Analysis
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Non-compete & Non-circumvention Agreements
  • Policing and Enforcement
  • Work-for-hire Considerations

IP Attorneys in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego

Our attorneys have worked with clients in California and throughout the country to secure trademark registration, trade secrets, copyrights and other intellectual property protections.  With ownership rights firmly established, our Bay Area office then works with clients to manage and enforce their portfolio worldwide, while facilitating brand licensing and other agreements to turn these resources into profit generators.  Finally, our IP law firm values the smart, safe expansion of our clients’ sphere of influence via brand acquisitions and development, and through thoughtful compliance with packaging, labeling, advertising and marketing regulations.

Some attorneys and law firms view intellectual property law as necessary accompaniment to other primary business concerns.  At Law Offices of James P. Marion, Esq. we focus on intellectual property as the fundamental key to a business’s success, and pride ourselves as lawyers with dedicated experience in this specialized field.

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