You Can Checkout Anytime You Like, But You Can Never Leave...

The following headline immediately evokes a favorite quote from The Big Lebowski: Yes, the Eagles are suing the actual Hotel California (located in Baja) for trademark infringement.  To those of you familiar enough with trademark law to currently be thinking, 'Wait, I thought you couldn't trademark singular song or album titles,' you're intuition is spot on.  So what kind of case do Don Henley & Co. have against this establishment, particularly given that the Eagles are not well known for their actual, physical hotel services?  Good question.  Hotel California Baja has several senior trademark registrations/applications on the Principal Register, while the Eagles management company only filed their first application for "Hotel California" this past January, in conjunction with a list of knick-knacky gift shop fare.  Will this turn out to be a battle over merch? Or should the parties settle and Take It Easy?

Remember to Think Before You Canna-Brand

See the latest fallout from choosing a cannabis brand that too-closely matches an existing non-canna trademark:

While we can't say that the replacement brand was much of an improvement ('pot shop' is descriptive and therefore difficult to protect), at least they are straying from the well-worn industry brand tropes (stash, green, canna, kind, etc.).  In this case, re-branding was the responsible choice, and should serve this company better in the long run.  A reminder not to get too attached to your weak trademarks.

Navigating Another Dimension: What to Expect from the 3D Printing Revolution

Take a look at my latest contribution to San Francisco Attorney Magazine! The recent surge in 3D printing technology, or additive manufacturing (AM), and its application across myriad industries poses a challenge to standards for intellectual property protection that could have long-lasting ripple effects if not addressed properly.

Cannabis: An American Industry Grows from Black Market to Bull Market

My latest from the pages of San Francisco Attorney Magazine: . A general overview of the American cannabis industry from inception, through prohibition and on to today's legalization efforts.  Our country's history with this unique plant is turbulent but also, apparently, circular.